Technology: Who's afraid of the big, bad boom?

 作者:冉堑阽     |      日期:2019-02-28 02:08:00
By JOHN KEEFE in WASHINGTON DC Banks of rock concert loudspeakers stacked a couple of metres from a house near Atlanta, Georgia, are part of an experiment designed to measure the unsettling effects of sonic booms from supersonic aircraft. Krishan Ahuja, an acoustics specialist from the Georgia Institute of Technology, intends to blast the vacant house with a bank of woofers and tweeters 2.5 metres tall, 4.5 metres wide and 6 metres deep. The speakers can generate a range of frequencies from a shrieking 4 kilohertz to an inaudible shudder of 2 hertz. Ahuja will tinker with the shape, frequency and volume of the shock waves to simulate a variety of sonic booms. Each will be heard simultaneously by test subjects outside and inside, where the sound will rattle plates, windows and cutlery. No other method can determine how annoying sonic booms are inside a house,